The Sydney siege was a day of mixed emotion. Stories of loss and heroism after we, as a nation, were tested in our resolve. To the families who have lost loved ones know my prayers are with you. Below is a poem I’ve written to all Australians. Please share this with everyone you know.

A Nation Of Mates

When tragedy befalls us
Our true colours come to light
As it is, Australians
Never back down from a fight
But when that day comes knocking
And it’s right here on our shores
We respond with mateship, kindness
Love and open doors

Whether our foe be cyclones
Fire, flood or drought
With mateship etched within our hearts
We’re first there to help out
But when our foe is human
Patriotism takes a stand
To show our strength of heart and mind
With lines drawn in the sand

First it was the Japanese
Way back in WWII
Then Port Arthur in Tasmania
Left a stinging residue
Today our nation felt
Another gutless act again
That gunman etched in history
As a coward by my pen

See we don’t cop to cowardess
Fightin’ fair’s our way
And if your cause is genuine
We’ll stand with you on your day
But threaten our very way of life
Our courage just inflates
To show the world, when things are down
That enemies stand as mates

So as a nation reunites
I would like to say
To the families who’ve suffered
From this cowards wicked way
A nation’s prayers are with you
And if there’s anything you need
Just say the word, and at your call
A nation of mates will heed

Written by
Matt Langdon
9:15AM 16/12/2014

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