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This page is where you’ll find my latest release poems.


This one is dedicated to my daughters’ love of a certain pop singer’s music. See if you can figure it out before the end.


Back when I turned Fifteen

Silverchair were top of charts

And every time I heard it

Well my guts made rancid farts

See I preferred cold chisel

Midnight Oil, L.R.B

But the Change in modern music

Well it always Haunted me


See by then we had the Backstreet Boys

Nsync and Savage Garden

And with Britney and Christina

I said things you’ll need to pardon

I thought, “well, Everything Has Changed

And screamed aLong Live rock!”

Then I had to tell myself to Breathe

T’was Breathless and in shock


See through all this, I tried to find

A Place In This World

And though I acted Fearless

In the fetal position I curled

See music was getting Crazier, “Dear John…”

Yeah I blasphemed!

Acca, Chisel, L.R.B

Stay Stay Stay I screamed!


By this time Ronan Keating

Had caused Teardrops On My Guitar

As a rock head give Tim McGraw

Or any country star!

See this was The Moment I Knew

Things from here would just get worse

The music of today

Like a Treacherous audible curse!


Now the year that I turned 22

Nelly was number one

And the first time was The Last Time

That I let the radio run

The song before was Pearl Jam’s

Last Kiss, oh what a song

After that I got distracted

And well that’s where things went wrong!


See the car that pulled up next to us

Were tuned to the same station

And me mates had their Eyes Open

And their faces screamed elation

I looked across and smiled

But to me mates I Should’ve Said No!

They said t’was Sweeter Than Fiction

“C’mon, chase ’em man let’s go!”


I will say this, those girls were hot

We punched above our weight

Cause only in our Wildest Dreams

Could we have scored a date!

Like some Enchanted fairytale

The next lights, they turned Red

No boy’s night in at my place

T’were New Romantics there instead


Now I know only All Too Well

What you’re about to say

Had it not been for that song

Things would’ve gone a different way

Now let me just explain to you

Those three years that I lost

A labotomy through the backside

Would have come at lesser cost!


See all I ever heard was

“Ooh its Nelly, there’s Our Song

You Belong With Me

Oh baby how could this be wrong”

But she boxed up all me Acca,


T’was then I should’ve kicked her out

Could’ve done it painlessly


Then one day home from work

Stereo blaring Michael Bubble

T’was then I should’ve said to her

I Knew You Were Trouble!

I thought then I should Speak Now

‘Fore I lose my sanity

‘Cause Superman couldn’t cope

With this crap constantly!


Just one more example

Of what that time was like

She was talking with some friends

Bout her ex boyfriend Mike

She said “He’s like a White Horse

A gift that causes ill!”

T’was me that got in trouble

For sayin “A trojan horse ya dill!”


If there was a positive

This Love it made Sparks Fly

But her taste in music

Well that often made me cry

She always told The Story Of Us

Tied to some pop song

On The Outside of that convo

I’d just nod and smile along


Our Love Story this

And our love story that

You Are In Love” her friends would say

“You know he’s really fat!”

Now the insults I can live with

Hell I drove trucks for a crust

But was it Mean of me to stay

Because she had a massive bust?


Either way the music

Had sent me round the bend

Even in me car

She turned off The Living End!

I paid the rent, I owned the car

All of it was Mine

“No it’s not! It Ours!

Ooh top forty, how divine.”


To say that bout pop music

In rock music’s Holy Ground

A Commodore in Sydney’s west

Is where rock music’s found!

Now I had just cleared Wonderland

By Sydney’s dead Starlight

I simply couldn’t Shake It Off

With stern voice I said “RIGHT!”


“I’ve put up with Fiddy cent

JT and Shannon Knoll

Delta, Britney, Backstreet Boys

Christina, Shannon Knoll!

Now if you’d leave my presets

God I Wish You Would

Then you’d hear real music

Not this crap that you call good!”


Once my rant was done

I saw the Blank Space in her eyes

Then she pulled her phone out

And gave me a nice surprise

Drop me off at Rachel’s

Til you’ve calmed down at least!

This Bad Blood over music?

God! You’re like a wild beast!”


“I spose you’ll go to Dale’s place

He’s as Cold As You!

I swear you like him more than me!”

“Well, I Almost Do!

As she got out she reached across

And punched me in the crutch

With that I cranked some Thunderstruck

Sneered and dumped the clutch


Then one satd’y arvo

And once the boys had healed

The lads and I were watchin’

Parra Brisbane take the field

Then seconds after kick off

The front door was near kicked in

And Jess came stormin over

And she kicked me in the shin!


“OI!” I screamed “Just tell me

What the hell have I done now?

Whatever it is I’m sorry

That you’re offended again somehow!”

You’re Not Sorry she scowled

“And what the hell did you tell Dale?

Brihanna said, and I quote,

Today Was A Fairytale!”


I looked at Dale and said

“Good to see you’ve got me back

I said to keep ya trap shut!”

Then I gave his arm a whack

Then I smiled at Jess and said “That day

I was The Lucky One

Without you there, I could go

And finally have some fun!”


T’was the first of many break ups

God only knows why we kept tryin’

But her taste in music

Was the reason it kept dyin’

The biggest problem was when I thought

I was Safe And Sound

I’d have my music cranked

Then unannounced she’d come around


Well in our final argument

Stay Beautiful!” I yelled

“You and your Style of music

Consider yourselves expelled!”

She screamed back “We Are Never Ever

Getting Back Together!”

Out Of The Woods I finally marched

Straight into nicer weather!


Now If This Was A Movie

I’d be Innocent after all

But being with a girl that hot

Feels like a Jump Then Fall

Talk about control freak

Worst I’ve seen in quite a while!

A narcicist who did it

Tied Together With A Smile


Yeah the break up, it was messy

I think that girl’s bipolar

She went from “Let’s Begin Again.”

To a bodyline fast bowler!

All You Had To Do Was Stay

Forever And Always

To “The Way I Loved You

You shouldve sung my praise!”


At the height of this a tourist ad

Said Welcome To New York

A distraction that I welcomed

From thoughts of death by blunted fork!

Despite all this, yeah there were times

That over her I’d yearn

But the “punch” reminds me she is just

A Picture To Burn


Now all this over music

Man my head was in a whirl!

Now kiddies let me tell you

That’s not How You Get The Girl

If she’d only let me listen

To some Angels, INXS

Then maybe we both say “I do”

But oh well, I digress


You know, I probably coulda saved it

When I think ‘bout Geoff and Mary

Mary drove the other car

And I thought looked kinda scary

Now Geoff will Never Grow Up

He’s like a teenage kid in love

And as sickening as it was to watch

Those two fit like a glove


Then one day Geoff came round

With a CD he’d recorded

A song he wrote to propose

And somehow got rewarded

T’was Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

Hey Stephen, where’s that Beiber!”

A song so bad I almost

Became a Belieber


Well both of them are married now

And, well, so am i

And my daughters’ taste in music

Often makes me cry!

See I have an understanding

With my current wife

T’was Clean of all pop music

Now I’m headed back for strife!


Now some is self inflicted

T’was a bad day at the shop

Discography of Beiber

Please God make it stop!

A gift I gave my daughters

That’s now driving me insane

Oh what I’d give

To go Back To December once again


But Tell Me Why The Best Day

In music now is gone

I’m sure that what’s around today

Makes our rock legends mourn

Now they can’t live forever,

Oh Keith Richards, hold that thought

Have they tried out Kryogenics

Or is that still last resort?


You know this journey

It has made my taste in music quite eclectic

Country, jazz or blues or rock

Or praise when things get hectic

T’was Sad Beautiful Tragic strange

It really lacked for nothin’

At times t’were in a State Of Grace

And sometimes kickin somethin’


Maybe I’m just getting old

And incapable of change

But Jumpin Jiminy Crickets

Some of this garbage now is strange

Now I Know Places I can go

To avoid this crap

Problem though my favourite

Has certain beverages on tap


You know I’d like to get some pay back

For my years of audible pain

But every thought so far

Would be illegal and in vain

Just don’t buy this garbage

Mate that’s Better Than Revenge

Plus Kanye won’t be squealing

Bout some friends he must avenge


Well I hope you liked my yarn

And I hope there won’t be fines

But to comprehend what you’ve just read

Read between the lines

There’s a singer you must like

And God I hope she’s not too miffed

If you haven’t worked it out by now

Her name is Taylor Swift


Written by Matt Langdon


Copyright Matt Langdon 2016 for The Bush Verse


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