Have to give a speech?

Father of the bride?

Best man?

Want to give a heart felt eulogy?

Have an anniversary or birthday coming up?

Say it with a bush poem…

When you say bush poetry, people immediately think of Banjo Paterson’s “The Man From Snowy River” or Dorothea MacKellar’s “My Country”. These poems fill us with a vast range of emotions as they take you on a journey. Well imagine you are standing in front of friends and family having just given your daughter away, and reciting your feelings, affirmations, encouragements and congratulations, as every eye fills with tears. This is a memory your family, especially your daughter, will cherish for a lifetime.

“Do you remember the poem dad recited at our wedding? Oh my God I still tear up. How amazing was that!”

No matter the occasion, I can take your words and turn them into a memory that will never be forgotten.

Prices start at $20 for an eight line stanza.

You will receive a gift box with a framed copy, printed on parchment paper.

You will also receive a CD with every draft plus the final edit and the print file. There is also an audio copy so you can hear how your PBV sounds.

There are further options available and some conditions apply.


I have a special offer detailed below.

Are you a returned or serving veteran in the Australian Defence Force?

Do you have family who have or do serve?
Do you have a story you want told from your time serving?
Do you want to say thank you to someone who has, or does serve in a way they will never forget?

Every PBV about, to or for our ‪‎ANZAC‬‘s or our Australian Defence Forces, I will donate half the proceeds to Homes For Heroes‬.

For more information give me a call on 04 111 630 11 or email me, info@thebushverse.com


Here’s my first completed order for a PBV. It’s for a wedding that happened a while back. Enjoy…

Journey out to Rouse
When someone from the sticks
Finally finds “the one”
Usually of these categories
They’ll fall into one
They’ve either moved to the big smoke
And stumbled across them there
Or their high school sweetheart
Is the one with life they share
But Danny boy and Cassie
Took a rat run from the first
For he was just in visiting
They met over a thirst
She was there to match make
Two friends from city life
He was there for family
Not knowing he’d meet his wife
Melbas on the Gold Coast
Boxing Day 2000 nine
The time and place in history
To them always divine
Once her friends were match made
They left her there alone
Then she met Melissa
While shots were being thrown
Then Danny boy walked over
Cas thought Melissa’s man
But only in Tasmania
Would something like that stand
Melissa set the record straight
Inside Cas jumped with glee
She thought this man a hunk
Shortly after they both fleed
The next two years built memories
To their grave they’ll take
And built the love of fairytales
Let’s pray nothing can break
The fact they’d drive 600 kay
Just to see each other
That picture just speaks mountains of
Their love for one another
The fact she’d knock off work
And make that journey west
For breakfast out at Cubbie
She gave her man her best
But this city girl soon learned
Country life is worlds apart
A world where men scratch shamelessly
And aren’t afraid to fart
A world where 9 to 5
Are just two times on a clock
Early up and late to bed
It must have been a shock
But through it all she stuck it out
And stood beside her man
Pampering and loving him
Daniel’s biggest fan
But on this loving journey
There’s been a test or two
Like breaking down at Dalby
This damsel needing a rescue
Then there was the tractor
When she took it for a bath
Wiped out the sign and guideposts
On a narrow Cubbie path
But at least the car and tractor
Both of them survived
The ride on not so lucky
It couldn’t be revived
But even after all of that
He doesn’t hold a grudge
I reckon she apologised
With home cooked chocolate fudge
And while I’m talking cooking
I feel the need to say
I hope there is a fitness plan
Currently under way
A woman who can cook
Before you know it your stomach’s grown
To the point your butt and gut
Have postcodes all their own
Two thousand and eleven
When Queensland was in flood
Everywhere you went
Even roads were knee deep mud
Now poor old Cas was stranded
Where it’s normally stinkin’ hot
Two months out at Dirran
She was devastated, NOT!
She spent her time as chauffer
Running Daniel here and there
While he was running ragged
Every need became her care
She’d wash and clean and cook
And I’ve no doubt a massage or two
And probably did some other things
That’s no concern to you!
That time together must have left
A taste like cotton candy
‘Cause later on that year
Cas moved out to Dirranbandi
This city girl moved way out west
Things were getting serious
Waking up with her each day
Left Danny boy delirious
Now we get to this year
And a family trip away
Dan and Cas went early
For he’d planned a special day
She’d hinted for a while
‘Bout something missing from her hand
But this poor lass fell crook
So he postponed what he had planned
He tried again at Cubbie
Plaited cotton round a ring
On a picnic popped the question
Expecting just one thing
Jokingly she told him “No”
No doubt he nearly died
Then jumping ‘round and squealing
No doubt “HELL YES” she cried
That leads us to this special day
When two hearts join as one
Embarking on a journey
Full of drama, Love and fun
This midwife from the city
Who’s as tender as a dove
This typical country bumpkin
With hands that look like gloves
This girly girl who risked it all
To find her one true love
A movie script that most girls
Could only ever dream of
This typical Aussie bloke
Footy, BBQ and beer
In the right place at the right time
To find a love so dear
So that is how this city girl
Wound up in country life
The lovey dovey story of how
This farmer found a wife
Congrats Daniel and Cassie
That story’s Mickey Mouse
The story of a city girl’s
Journey out to Rouse.
Written by:
Matt Langdon
The Bush Poet
© Matt Langdon 2012