My name is Matt “Trucky” Langdon, I have been writing bush poetry since high school. Unfortunately though being a truck driver hasn’t allowed me to write anywhere near as often as I should. Recent circumstances however have allowed me to get a bit done. In recent times I have tried my hand at writing poems specifically for other people, and in a few cases, companies. I have some examples under the Personalised Bush Verse tab for you to read.

The Bush Verse offers a wide variety of services all ┬ábased around bush poetry. I can come out and do some public speaking or recitals for almost any event. I can write you a personalised bush poem. If it’s based around bush poetry, I’ll give it a go…

Currently I am working on speech kits for a range of special occasions. Watch this space…

For any other information or if you would like to order, send me an email info@thebushverse.com , the more information you can give me the easier and better the poem will be. Also don’t forget to leave me some contact details and let me know if you’re happy for me to put it up on my site. I can hold off for certain time periods if it is a gift.

Thank you for visiting The Bush Verse

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